WORDsearch Bible Software, based in Austin, Texas is one of the oldest and largest publishers of software and digital books specifically for Christian pastors, Bible teachers and students. [1] WORDsearch is now part of the B & H Publishing Group of LifeWay Christian Resources of Nashville, Tennessee. [2] WORDsearch produces specialized studies under the brands WORDsearch, QuickVerse , and myWSB and a compatible library of over 5,000 digital books on Windows, MacIntosh, iPad, Android, and web browsers.

Bible Software Products

WORDsearch 10, and now WORDsearch 11 The company’s flagship Bible software is running on Windows and Mac PCs, automates tasks in the process of Bible exegesis and hermeneutics . Key functions of WORDsearch include searching a user’s digital library by word, topic, or scripture reference, hyperlinking to related documents, and copying selected materials into a target document. [3] WORDsearch users look it highly for its speed and ease of use. [4]

WORDsearch is frequently used by pastors for the creation of sermons , and teachers for preparation of cell group and Sunday School lessons. [5]

QuickVerse 10, is a variant of the WORDsearch program that reads the same digital books and features most of the same functions. The functional capabilities of QuickVerse 10 better follows the needs of lay Bible teachers. QuickVerse 10 offers QuickVerse 10. [6] myWSB.com is a free, web browser-based Bible software program with a different functional approach, but nearly the same library of resources as WORDsearch and QuickVerse. [6]WORDsearch Bible is a mobile Bible software program available for iOS and Android. It offers a limited set of functions on the same library of resources. [7]

All of the Bible software versions connect to the same set of online ownership records so that a customer is able to acquire a digital book for one of the programs, and use it from any other programs .

Reviewers found WORDsearch powerful enough to be useful for preachers. [8] It is one of About.com ‘s top 10 bible programs. [9]

A free application called WORDsearch Basic (formerly Bible Explorer) is also available. [10]

Bible Resources / Content

Members of the WORDsearch family of Bible software are available in 24 categories, including Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias, handbooks, word studies and more. The WORDsearch library has a significant concentration in expository preaching , with John MacArthur’s collections , Stephen Olford , John Phillips, J. Vernon McGee , Charles Spurgeon , John Stott , Criswell WA , Adrian Rogers , Kent Hughes R. , Maze Jackson , Robertson Nicoll ,Alexander Maclaren , and Haddon Robinson .

A second area of ​​strength in the research is June Hunt , Neil T. Anderson , James Dobson , Joni Eareckson Tada , Gary Chapman , and many others. The Preacher ‘s Outline and Sermon Bible, The Complete Biblical Library, and the Thompson Chain – Reference Bible .

Resources can be purchased in bundles or individually, sometimes discounted. Hebrew, Greek and other languages ​​are searchable. The Complete Biblical Library New Testament was favorably received. [11]

The original versions of WORDsearch used the STEP (rtf) format. WORDsearch acquired Epiphany Software in 2003 and changed to Epiphany’s CROSS (Christian Reference Open Standard Software) format which supports XML starting with Wordsearch 7. [8] [12]


WORDsearch was founded in 1987 by Dr. Jim Sneeringer and Dr. Cheryl Sneeringer, making it one of the earliest commercial examples of digital publishing in any domain. Both Drs. Sneeringer earned PhD in Computer Science at UNC supervised by Dr. Fred Brooks , and has become evangelical Christians through his witness. Their shared interest in Bible study, teaching, and computer software led Jim to create wordsearch the program while we sabbatical from IBM ( ROLM ) Corporation.

The program became part of the NavPress Software product line in Colorado Springs, CO in 1989. In 1993, Dr. Jim Sneeringer and Randolph Beck of Austin, Texas, acquired the assets of NavPress Software and continued to publish. [13] In July 2002, the publishers adopted WORDsearch as the corporate name. [14]

In July 2003, WORDsearch acquired the assets of Epiphany Software, Inc. of San Jose, CA, including the Bible Explorer program. [15] Andrew Cogan, President of Epiphany, joined as chief technical officer of WORDsearch.

In April 2004, WORDsearch entered a licensing and publishing partnership with LifeWay Christian Resources to supply the Bible Explorer program, to be published under the Bible Navigator brand, as the exclusive Bible Software program of LifeWay. [4]

In May 2011, WORDsearch agreed to acquire the assets of the QuickVerse® product line from Findex.com. QuickVerse had been the largest selling Bible software program through the 1990s., [16] [17]

In June 2011, all of the assets of WORDsearch were acquired by LifeWay Christian Resources of Nashville, TN. [2]


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