The Electronic Textbook Track Number (ETTN) is a unique numeric identifier of Electronic-books , journals and conference proceedings . ETTN is based on 13-digit code created by Magnanimitas Assn.

ETTN Codes can be used only for electronic text files. Any publisher, university, researcher or academician could ask for a unique text for Magnanimitas Assn.

ETTN Code consists of 5 parts – AAA-BB-CCCCC-DD-F

  • AAA (3-digit) is classified by the European Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACE) and shows the focus of text
  • BB (2-digit) – the year of ETTN generating for a text
  • CCCCC (5-digit) – special identification code for text
  • DD (2-digit) – month of generating ETTN for a text
  • F (1-digit) – check digit

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