Renaissance E Books, Inc.

Renaissance E Books was founded by David O. Dyer Senior in 1997 and is one of the earliest publishers of ebooks on the web. Oddly the E in the company name has nothing to do with ebooks but is a shortening of the name of an earlier venture of Dyer’s, Renaissance Enterprises. Shortly before his death in early 2003, Dyer sold the company to a consortium who named author / editor / anthologist Jean Marie Stine associate publisher. Renaissance E Books has three imprints: PageTurner Editions, which publishes popular fiction and nonfiction; REB Inc. Audio Books; and Sizzler Editions, which publishes classic and contemporary erotica. In 2009, the company had more than 1500 titles available for download in various formats. In 2003-5, Renaissance E Books had a number of top ten bestselling ebook titles at , including Michelle Houston’s Bedtime Tales . In 2005 it published JW McKenna’s Slavic Office , quoted in Publishers Weekly as the bestselling erotic novel of the year.