Palm Bible Plus

Palm Bible is an open source document for Palm OS- based PDAs , focused on displaying the Bible and commentaries about the Bible. It allows the user to read Bibles stored in RAM or on memory card via VFS . It is licensed under the GNU GPL .

This program is a fork of Bible Reader for Palm , a project started in August 2001 [1] by Poetry. [2] After the release of the Bible, Yih-Chun Hu started work on the open source version. [3]

The Boolean Search Query (Boolean Search Query), and (boolean search query) tapping on the verse number). It includes a bookmark system; bookmarks can be assigned to categories, and can be highlighted with different colors. Text notes can be added and associated with verses or bookmarks. Two different documents can be displayed simultaneously in parallel windows, which are then kept in sync (these documents can be different translations or comments). [4] It can also perform dictionary lookup on a double tap of a word, using the Plucker Plugin Interface (PPI) to other programs.[5] Other features include built-in support for Hebrew and Greek fonts, “snapshots” to store search and navigation settings, auto-scrolling, [3] support for display “skins” and plug-ins [6] and text rotation.

A vast number of Bible translations and comments are available for Palm Bible Plus. English translations available include the traditional King James Version (KJV) and the modern well-respected translation Standard Version (ESV). Many other versions in many other languages, including the original Greek , Hebrew , and Aramaic text, are available. The program allows two views to be seen at the same time, allowing someone to see two different translations, a translation and the original, [4] or some text and a commentary at the same time.

Although viewed as a very good reader, it is worth noting that some of the comments are made by the authors , [7] reviewers noted some weak points: slow searching, no support for copyrighted Bible versions, [3] lack of advanced export / import functions or limited color customization of text . [6] Ability to run on a larger scale of Palm devices also leads to more complex installation processes. [7]

Palm Bible Plus Bible files in PDB format can be read in Symbian OS platform using Symbianbible application (free software / open source). The PDB file reader engine for Symbianbible was ported from Palm Bible Plus. [8]


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