Online artwork, proofing, feedback, review and approval tool

An online artwork proofing, feedback, review and approval tool is a web-based collaborative software that helps studios with internal and client communication.

How it works

Users are allowed to upload files to a central repository where other users are allowed to mark up, annotate, add comments and / or approve them.


  • View online multimedia files: images , videos and documents .
  • Mark up files
  • Version control
  • How threads
  • User profiles
  • User permissions
  • Email notifications


Many tools are developed with a combination of HTML with Adobe Flash , AJAX or Microsoft Silverlight .


  • E-mail
  • meetings
  • Phone
  • Web conferencing
  • FTP


  • Get accurate feedback on work-in-progress design pieces.
  • Saves time for the studio and their customers
  • Prevents interpretation mistakes.
  • Allows studios are located in central location.
  • Enables a person in a different place and / or timezone to give / receive feedback