NJFX , also known as New Jersey Fiber Exchange , is a Wall Township, NJ -based data center operator. The company offers Tier 3 data center , meet-me room and colocationservices from a 58 acre site adjacent to Tata Communications ‘ subsea cable landing station .


NJFX Was founded by Gil Santaliz, a telecommunications executive Who in 2008 sold metro dark fiber provider 4Connections to Optimum Lightpath, a subsidiary of NY cable operator Cablevision (now Altice USA). [1] Tata Communications was a founding partner of NJFX. [2]

NJFX opened a meet-me room (MMR) within Tata Communication’s Wall, NJ subsea cable landing station (CLS). [3] One of Tata’s cables terminating in the cable landing station is the Seabras-1 undersea cable, which links North America and Brazil, with a landing point in Sao Paulo . [4] Tata’s TGN Atlantic subsea cable also lands in Wall Township, connecting to Highbridge , Somerset , United Kingdom . As the MMR operator, NJFX managed the network connections between its own customers and those of Tata Communication’s CLS. [5]

In September 2015, NJFX announced they would be building a 64,000 sq ft Tier III data center adjacent to Tata’s CLS, providing direct access to their European and South America subsea cables. [3] Design would be done by Boston-based Bala Consulting Engineers. [6]

In January 2016, voice and data network provider Windstream announced it was extending its 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100G) network from NJFX’s presence at the CLS to Ashburn, Virginia’s Internet hub. [7]

In September 2016, the new data center came online. [8]

In March 2017, NJFX announced they were adding an additional data center on their campuses. [9]


NJFX operates a data center campus in Wall Township, NJ, offering meet-me room, data center and roommate services to business customers. The center is adjacent to Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP & L), a subsidiary of giant energy FirstEnergy . [10]


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