MyBible (formerly known as Scripture ) is a Bible study eBook application for Palm OS .


MyBible started off on the Newton as The Message (not related to the Bible Version of the Sámi name), produced by Servant Software. This application was made to the Palm and was named Scripture. Scripture featured the King James Version (qui Was free), the New International and New American Standard versions (qui required a fee), and the Revised Standard Version (qui Was free goal the user Was required to mail a form to the Center for Computer Analysis of Texts Division of the University of Pennsylvaniafor copyright reasons). Besides these versions, Scripture had support for bookmarks, footnotes, and a fast search engine.

In 1999, Servant Software licensed Scripture to Laridian, Inc. , which renamed the product MyBible . In 2005, Laridian assumed all development, support, and sales. [1] [2]

In May 2003, Laridian released MyBible 3.0. This version added support for the language of the world, and the use of such methods as 320×320 and 320×480 Graffiti and high-resolution.

On December 30, 2004, Laridian released MyBible 4.0. This new version was released for pre-Palm OS 5 devices. Split-screens were added, along with the ability to read reference books. A verse history function was added along with a dictionary lookup feature for Bibles. [3]

August 29, 2006, Laridian released MyBible 4.100 to accommodate the KJV and New American Standard Bible versions that incorporated Strong’s numbers . This added a mode to display hyperlinked numbers next to words in the English translation of the original word in the Greek or Hebrew lexicon as a MyBible dictionary.


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