Maney Publishing

Maney Publishing was an independent academic publishing company that was taken over by Taylor & Francis in 2015. Maney Publishing specializes in peer-reviewed academic journals in science and engineering materials , the humanities , and health science . Maney published extensively for learning societies, universities, and professional bodies.

As of 2014 , Maney published over 150 journals. [1] The company offered an open access option (MORE OpenChoice) to all authors. The company had offices in Leeds and London in the United Kingdom, and Boston and Philadelphia in the United States.


Maney Publishing was formed in 1997, from a specialist typesetting and printing company, WS Maney & Son Ltd., which was founded in Leeds in 1900. academic bodies. The oldest such partner was the English Goethe Society , with which Maney had worked since 1947. Organizations who started publishing agreements later in the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining , for whom Maney published journals and books from 2001. In 2007, Maney Publishing ( USA) was incorporated to North American bodies.

Maney was acquired by Taylor & Francis (itself a part of Informa ) in 2015 [2] and its journals are now available at the Taylor & Francis Online website. [3]

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