List of news media APIs

Some online news media have created Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable computer applications and their stories ( metadata ) from them.

This list does not include any news media APIs that provide access to information that does not originate from them. For example, the Chicago Tribune APIs are not included in the Illinois school system.

This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it .
News organization API home page Apis Note
American Broadcasting Company ABC Resources API Resources API Resources API retrieves content produced by ABC businesses, including national and local news, entertainment videos, and more.
Associated Press AP Content API
  • AP Content API
  • AP Breaking News API
  • AP Images API, one of the world’s largest collections of historical and contemporary imagery.
  • AP Breaking News API.
BBC BBC Platform API Platform API “Platform API power all the BBC’s product areas – iPlayer, News, Sports, Weather, Kids’ Knowledge and Learning – Youview.” [1]
Bloomberg News Bloomberg API Bloomberg API Bloomberg API provides unrestricted access to raw data for customers for its financial market information.
CBS Sports CBS Sports Development Center [No longer available]
  • Fantasy Live Scoring API
  • Rules API
  • Player Search API
  • Player Profile API
  • League Roster API
  • Schedule API
  • Salary and Wild Cards API
  • Playoff Settings API
  • Playoff Bracket API
  • Fantasy Scoring API live retrieves scoring data for league.
  • API rules retrieves rules for a fantasy league.
  • Player Search API retrieves a list of players.
  • Player Profile API retrieves a player’s profile.
  • League Roster API retrieves roster for one team or all teams.
  • API schedule retrieves schedule and match information.
  • Salary and Wild Cards API retrieves wildcard values ​​for a set of players.
  • Playoff Settings APIs retrieves playoff settings for a league.
  • Playoff Bracket API retrieves to the league’s playoff bracket.
CityFalcon CityFalcon Enterprise API Financial News API Customizable financial newsfeed for stocks, commodities, foreign exchange, and indices from 100+ publications

  • access to the list of financial influencers
  • access to trending assets
  • CityFALCON Score – rating for each story which shows the value of the story
  • Twitter integration
Die Zeit ZEIT ONLINE Content API Online Content API Online content API provides access to articles from the ZEIT archive dating back to 1946 and from ZEIT ONLINE.
Dow Jones and Company Dow Jones Factiva Enterprise Integration API “Share content via enterprise integration API and embeddable widgets while honoring copyright holders.”
ESPN ESPN API NOTE: No new authorized access, as of Jan. 2015 [No longer available]
  • Athlete API
  • Audio API
  • Draft API
  • API Headlines
  • API Leaders
  • Medals API
  • Now API
  • API Photos
  • API Rankings
  • Research Notes API
  • Scores & Schedules API
  • Standings API
  • Teams API
  • Video API
  • Athlete APIs retrieves rosters of players for various sports, as well as biographical and statistical data for individual athletes.
  • ESPN retrieves audio API on-demand audio content. This includes ESPN Radio as well as clips from many live shows on ESPN Radio.
  • Draft API retrieves information about NBA and NFL draft picks.
  • ESPN retrieves API headlines from various news stories.
  • Leaders APIs retrieves information on leading athletes in specific statistics categories.
  • Medals API provides medal and event results from the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.
  • Nowadays, you can read more about, including headline news, stories, columns, blogs, videos, podcasts, game recaps, and more.
  • API photos enable interaction with ESPN’s photo content.
  • Rankings API provides rankings of teams and players for various sports, as well as recruiting rankings.
  • Research Notes API retrieves information from ESPN’s vast knowledge base of exclusive sports data.
  • Scores & Schedules API provides game / match information, including start times, come, competitors, score, and stats across every major sport.
  • Standings API retrieves latest standings for a particular sport by division, conference, or overall.
  • Teams API provides information on roster, stats, and more, for individual teams.
  • Video API allows interaction with ESPN’s video-on-demand content, which includes hundreds of video clips each week.
Financial Times FT for Developers
  • Headline API
  • Datamining API
  • Education API
  • Access API
  • Headline API allows developers to integrate FT content into the applications of their choice.
  • Datamining API allows developers to retrieve and host their own products.
  • Education API bring market context to learning resources, so students have a better understanding of the application of theory.
  • Access API displays full text FT articles co-mingled with content from other publishers.
MSNBC Using the APIs
  • API Documents
  • Entities API
  • Topics API
  • API documents represents articles, videos, images, slide shows, and other content available on API documents Documents related to a list of Entities, another document, or a geographic location.
  • Entities API returns Entities associated with Documents and Topics. Entities are statistically-significant keywords associated Documents.
  • Topics pages are special pages that are created for entities that reach a specific threshold of “importance”. The Topic API Returns Topics related to Entities or Documents.
New York Times The Times Newswire API
  • Times Newswire API
  • Article Search API
  • Campaign Finance API
  • Community API
  • Congress API
  • Event Listings API
  • Geographic API
  • Movie Reviews API
  • Real Estate API
  • TimesTags API
  • API Top Stories
  • Times Newswire API provides an up-to-the-minute stream of published items.
  • Article Search API retrieves headlines, abstracts and links to associated multimedia from1851 to today.
  • Campaign Finance API Retrieves Presidential Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Data Based on the United States Federal Election Commission filings.
  • Community API retrieves comments by users.
  • Congress API US Congressional votes, including information about specific House and Senate members.
  • Event Listings APIs retrieves information about handpicked events in New York City and the surrounding area.
  • Geographic API uses linked data to enhance rental concepts used in The New York Times’ controlled vocabulary.
  • Movie Reviews API retrieves links to reviews and NYT Critics’ Picks, and search movie reviews by keyword.
  • Real Estate APIs for New York City.
  • TimesTags APIs retrieves standardized terms that match search queries, and filters by Times dictionaries.
  • Top Stories API provides lists of home page articles and associated images.
  • NPR Tech Center
  • NPR One Developer Center
  • Story API
  • Station Finder API
  • API Transcript
  • Story API provides audio from most NPR programs dating back to 1995.
  • Station Finder API used to identify local NPR member stations that carry NPR programming based on zip code, city / state, unique ID, call letters, longitude / latitude, and a few other parameters.
  • Transcript API provides access to full transcripts of stories airing on selected NPR programs.
PBS Documentation – COVE API Cove API Cove API provides access to full PBS episodes, clips, and promotions.
Reuters Our APIs and Technologies Robust Foundation API Robust Foundation API enable applications to use Thomson Reuters systems to publish and consume data.
The Guardian Guardian Open Platform Content API Content API provides access to the content of the content and tags. There are half a million items available as far back as 1999.
USA Today Developer’s Network
  • API articles
  • Best-Selling Books API
  • Book Reviews API
  • Breaking News API
  • Census API
  • Movie Reviews API
  • API snapshots
  • Music Reviews API
  • Sports Salaries API
  • Articles API retrieves USA TODAY stories going back to 2004.
  • Best-Selling Books APIs retrieves weekly list of the nation’s top-selling books as compiled by USA TODAY.
  • Book Reviews API retrieves USA TODAY book reviews.
  • Breaking News API retrieves breaking news content.
  • Census API provides access to United States Census information.
  • Movie Reviews API retrieves USA TODAY movie review content.
  • Snapshots APIs retrieves easy-to-read statistical graphics that presents information on various issues and trends in a visually appealing way.
  • Music Reviews API retrieves USA TODAY music review content.
  • Sports Salaries API provides information for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL, including player, position and team data and salary.



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