KooBits designs and builds digital products for children and educators.


KooBits was founded in 2007 by Prof. Sam Ge Shuzhi, Dr. Chen Xiangdong, and current CEO Stanley Han. [1] The trio saw opportunity in the rapid growth of the ebook industry, and the decision to focus on creating software for interactive enhanced ebooks.


In 2008, KooBits was the winner [2] of the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2008 (elearning) [3] and the Infocomm Singapore Awards 2008 (elearning). [4] [5]

KooBits received support from the Media Development Authority (MDA) [6] [7] in the development of Future Media [8] and was one of the companies selected to receive funding in Interactive Digital Media [9] projects. MDA also helped Personal e-Motion Secure Venture Capital Fund from Accel-X Pte Ltd. KooBits is part of the FutureBooks [10] Partner Network initiated by MDA to develop Singapore-based learning from user-generated content to delivery across multiple platforms. PEM Raised Its First Round of Venture Capital Investments in July 2009 through NUS Enterprise’s Network of Business Angels and Venture Capitalists.

KooBits provides the platform for the creation of ebooks for Young Reporters Training Camp program of Youth Olympic Games 2010, an initiative by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), [11] Singapore.


KooBits 4.0

KooBits 4.0 is a place to shelve ebooks. Just as with a physical version, users can organize ebooks in a bookshelf using the default categories or renaming them. Also, tools are available for highlighting and stamping on ebooks and more PDF, EPUB, interactive KBJ ebooks and more. The software also provides audio and video input.

KooBits Editor

The KooBits Editor is a program that allows users to create multimedia ebooks, ecards, scrapbooks, photo montages and more. It is currently available in four languages: English , Chinese , [12] Malay , [13] and Tamil . Users can publish their ebooks on their web site.

The software’s proprietary Content-Driven Animation enables users to trigger images, videos, and animations by entering or reading key words and phrases in an ebook. An advanced resource pool allocation algorithm allows for high performance with real-time rendering of large-sized, progressively-downloading multimedia files and data encoding. KooBits Editor has also been developed with a component for the application of the application to be embedded in a third party Facebook .

The Editor KooBits being white is used by elearning companies and organisms in South East Asia , China , Maldives , and Kuwait , and is used by more than 90 schools in Singapore . In 2009, KooBits partnered with the Singaporean bookstore Popular Holdings to promote the software.

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