CITmail is a Hosted email solution based on open source code. It synchronizes email, calendar and contacts between a hosted web server and the end users email client (Outlook or Thunderbird). The system is used by companies who do not wish to host their own mail server and prefer it to be managed and backed up remotely.

CITmail has the below functionality:

  • Email account synchronization with Outlook or Thunderbird
  • Calendar, including sharing between different calendars
  • Personal and Corporate Address book
  • Hosted group email accounts
  • Shared folders, all available via the webmail page and thus allowing companies to manage and use files and folders securely from any location
  • Web access, which allows employees to access their email, calendar and contacts via a web link when they are out of the office
  • Corporate intranet, that users can configure, upload files and documents to and write content for themselves
  • Mobile email that allows users access to their corporate email via mobile phones or PDA’s


For a technical overview of how email hosting services are engineered you can read about email hubs .


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