Internet hosting service

There are different levels of services and various types of services offered. A common type of hosting is web hosting. Most hosting providers offer a mixed variety of services. For example, web hosting services also offer a hosting service email. The hosting service DNS usually comes bundled with domain registration. Continue reading

Web hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows customers to make a website available on the World Wide Web . There are several different types of web hosting but most often is talk of it hosted -service. At a hosted one expects respect. That have a mailbox and a website . Web hosting is the continuous service as a hosting provider for a domain name. Continue reading


A server is a computer that shares its resources such as peripheral devices and files with other computers, called clients, in a data network. It is possible for a computer to be the client and server at the same time. Moreover, it can be a program that receives queries from other applications and sends a response back. Continue reading