Cartika Internet Solutions Provider Inc. is a Canadian Internet Services Provider (ISP) based in Toronto Ontario . The company leases capacity through large scale colocation of existing data centers , including sites in Toronto and Dallas .


Cartika was founded in 1999 by Andrew Rouchotas. Cartika launched its services utilizing reseller services from other providers, but soon outgrew what traditional providers could offer. In 2000, Cartika incorporated and launched its new services from its data center provider in Dallas , eventually launching and moving north of the border to Toronto .

Cartika currently operates two Network Operation Centers, in Toronto and Dallas .


Cartika offers cloud services through its “Cartika CommandLayer” control panel, allowing for easy management of cloud resources across its locations.


Cartika uses the OnApp platform for its Virtualization and Cloud services.

Backup and Disaster Recovery is provided by its Bacula4 platform, based on the Open Source Bacula system.

Cartika also uses software provided by Parallels (company) and CPanel for its standard web hosting offerings.


Cartika was a finalist in the 2010 Computerworld Virtualization and Best Practices award. [1]


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