Bookjam creates e-publishing platforms for publishers by making ebook market apps. It also provides a cloud system for users.


Having done so, we have had a lot of things to say that we have a lot of publishers, even at a low price. Therefore, he offered a revenue sharing model and made to their books at no cost. After the very first ebook he made second-place ranking in the Apple app store Korea, he changed his company name to ‘Bookjam’ in 2011, and working expanding. [1]

As of October 2013, Bookjam has raised $ 17 million in venture capital funding from Altos Ventures and Bon Angles. [2]

On February 2014, Bookjam announced that it had entered the Japanese ebook market, by cooperating with Leed. [3]

On February 2014, Bookjam announced its plan to provide cloud service to readers in May, which will allow to be satisfied across all platforms on all devices. [1]


BXP stands for Bookjam eXtensible Publishing, and is a platform created by Bookjam in 2011. [4] BXP enables the production of interactive multimedia ebooks and optimized layouts for all devices with more features than what ePub allows. It can also add Vimeo videos, embed maps, social media offer, and enable audio recording. BXP enables auto compression of images to enable fast download. [5]

Business and Services

Bookjam aims to provide multifunctional ebooks to publishers. [4]


Innovation Award by Korea Electronic Publishing Association [6]

2013 Korea eBooks Awards, Winner, ” The Land ” [7]

2013 Korea eBooks Awards, Encouragement Award, ” The Master Chef ” [8]


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